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(!!) kara won 1st palce on ‘show champion’!
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(eng sub) to Hara, KARA is..

KARA prepared a special event for the fans.

After performing in SBS’ Inkigayo on August 25, Kara launched a mini fan meeting at a park nearby to spend a meaningful time with the fans.

During the fan meeting, Kara members decided to express their thanks to the fans by buying food with their personal money.

Giving out food to 250 fans who gathered, Kara and the fans enjoyed their time by talking and eating together. The fans also congratulated Kara for making its comeback by singing a ‘congratulations song.’


Goo Hara said, “This is where we met with the fans after I debuted with the song Rock U. I’m happy to be meeting them again during the week we made our comeback with Mamma Mia. I feel touched and energized. Thank you for supporting us throughout this week and we will work harder. All we can say is thank you always and we will become Kara who works hard.


The Kara members spilled on their ideal types. During August 19’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show, the Kara members appeared as the special guests and shared on their ideal types.

Goo Hara said, “I like someone who is good at self-management in all aspects. I like someone who…


[Photo] 140819 - KARA at Cult Two Show


[Photo] 140819 - KARA at Cult Two Show

kara - mamma mia (マンマミーア!) 

140818 hello counselor - kara cut (3)
140818 hello counselor - kara cut (2)